Stayfree Secure Cottony Regular Sanitary Napkins - Pack of 20 - At wholesale price

✓Good for regular usage ✓Contains wings to prevent side leakage ✓Contains fresh fragrance to prevent foul odour ✓Deep Channels for better absorption
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Stayfree Secure Cottony Regular Sanitary napkins - Pack of 20-At Wholesale Price

If you want a sanitary napkin with the feel and comfort of cloth, try Stayfree Secure Cottony Regular. It perfectly f its your body and has wings to prevent the sanitary napkin from moving, thus ensuring there is no side leakage. With these cotton sanitary sanitary napkins enjoy a comfortable feel and all-day protection. Trust Stayfree cotton sanitary napkins and stay secure and confident however you move. As the features of this product describe, these cotton napkin for periods come with a technology best- suited to manage your regular periods and make these days hassle-free for you. With such a product, let go of your worries and live your life without any fear or concern regarding periods!.
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  • Model: Stayfree Secure Cottony
  • Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson India Ltd.